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Sweet explores how photography can give a different perspective on everyday industrial food, in particular candies and sweet products. Most of the time candies present shapes and colors very dissimilar to natural food. In contrast to products such as fruits and vegetables, industrial food is manipulated and studied according to a communication design perspective. The final result presented in stores is an embodiment of the design perspective used to create and sell them. Their original material is no longer recognizable, what is left is a pure visual artifact.


The value of food is in general decided by the material it is made from. In the case of industrial candies, their shapes and colors take the place of their material substance, and their visual representation takes the place of their nutritional properties. In this way candies can be considered, in contrast to the general way in which food is conceived, a pure design object. 


Candies are food in which the material substance is turned into an aesthetic one. In contrast to everyday experience, photography offers a different way to observe candies. The photographic lens discloses the strange and unnatural characteristics of what we usually consider an everyday commodity. 

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